A Herbarium. Single paned window lights a workbench covered with herbs and candles.


A considerable debate on herbs sprang up the other day on the VsDM discord channel. The core rules provide a great mechanic for coping with the player whose animist wants to spend every spare moment gathering medicinal herbs. Basically, you work together to create a list of herbs and their properties. The player gets to create their own herbarium with artistic sketches and growing conditions in a journal that everyone can look at it with awe when they open it up at the table. Except, what if you are not that creative? What if you don’t have time to create a list of herbs? What if you need a herb for the game on the fly?

Spurred on by the idea that there might be a need for such and with a transatlantic flight to fill, John has been busy at work creating a list of herbs for use in your game. Here is a little taster of what will be appearing in Imaginary Turtles Herbarium.

Grievous Grimoire

Grievous Grimoire available as a PDF

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Grievous Grimoire is an optional ruleset for the Open00 system used by Against the Darkmaster. This rule supplement allows the customisation of character development from the base vocations. General Skills can be enhanced using Specialty skills. Now, each character can have an area of expertise. Vocation Initiate Spell Lores and Unique Specialty skills for non-spell users provide tools to develop your character your way. The book provides supporting rules for Shaman (Spirit World), Summoners (Elementals), and Mages (Animated Objects) and a host of ways to apply development points. Grievous Grimoire is a must for the GM armory.

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Grievous Grimoire
An optional ruleset for Open00 and Against the Darkmaster
Available at the Imaginary Turtles Webshop