Why volunteer?

Everything we do here at Imaginary Turtles is for the love of the game. No one here makes a penny, not one single cent, de nada. Instead, all the profit goes straight back into supporting artists. Everyone is a volunteer and we want you to be able to join in the fun and see your work published to a high standard.

How can you help?

Imaginary Turtles has a number of roles that you can choose to volunteer to work in. Choose one or more roles that suit the amount of time you have to spare and your talents.


Aenwyld wasn’t built in a day! If you feel like adding to our gazetteer of locations then contact us with your ideas and we will work with you to get your ideas out into the RPG world. Who knows who you will inspire with your location description?


You enjoy writing adventures and have a good understanding of the features to guide gamemasters and intrigue players. Ideally, you will have a good command of English but our editors will be able to support you where needed.


Every good writer needs a fresh set of eyes. You will need to be a good understanding of grammar and spelling but also how good writing reads to someone reading a page for the first time. You will need to cast a critical eye over single adventures and also be able to view it as part of over-arching campaigns and world-building.

Illustrators and map-makers

Writers and Creators often create their own maps and player handouts. Often these are rough sketches or completed with simple digital tools and will benefit from those with artistic and digital skills.


Publishers are responsible for putting all the content into the final published format. Experience with layout software such as Adobe InDesign and Affinity Publisher, along with an eye for what looks good is a must.

Project managers

Project managers will need to organise the workflow of those working together and be able to support great teamwork. You should be able to keep documents organised and stored to allow all of the Imaginary Turtles to access them as needed. This will allow project members to change the amount of effort based on their circumstances.

Proof Readers

Proofreaders are an invaluable part of the team and help cut down on errata. You will need to be able to have a good standard of English but also the ability to spot those bizarre errors in the final publication (if you spotted that one then you should volunteer for this role).

Want to volunteer?

Imaginary Turtles is entirely staffed by volunteers; we all have real-life pressures and understand that commitment can change depending on life events. Volunteer to suit the time you have to devote to this great hobby.

Sign up for our Discord Channel and drop a message in the Volunteer channel.