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Welcome to Imaginary Turtles

We create RPG content for Against The Darkmaster. We are a not for profit organisation made up of writers, artists and VTT specialists so all profits get ploughed back into the next publication or to pay for running costs. Our volunteers include world-builder Andrew Durston, map-master Zatnikotel and the creators of RPG actual play Wolfshield games.

Here’s what Against The Darkmaster RPG content we intend for 2022:

Grievous Grimoire

Grievous Grimoire
Grievous Grimoire contents list.

The first of our Against The Darkmaster RPG content is a rules supplement for Open00 system. This 200 page publication has 28 new vocation initiates such as Barbarian, Swashbuckler, Stargazer, Beastmaster, Shadow Walker, Shaman and Fate Weaver. There are also 33 new Spell Lores which gives you 330 new Spells! Want more skills? How does 12 unique vocation skills and 43 new speciality skills sound? Then there are the 17 flaws, new ways to spend drive points, new encounters and more! Now available at our Imaginary Turtles Webstore.

Guild Coast

Falling Skies. The first of our six-act campaign series which is currently at the proofreading stage. The adventure centres on a delivery mission that goes terribly wrong. A Cloud Cutter as the skyship transporting a mysterious cargo (a teak box) crashes in a bleak mountain range. The heroes must survive the harsh mountains and discover the secrets of Keeper Shrike’s journal. This will lead to adventures in the fading mining town of Orvusiv. Before they make their way towards Obermarsh to deliver the box to the mysterious Wayfinder Kane.


ACT I – 90%
ACT II – 45%
ACT III – 5%

Guild Coast Region Guide. We provide more detail for the area where our campaign is set.